So my experience with the skating blog seemed really fun to me at first. I thought it was going to be a fun experienced since I couldn’t do anything with cars skating was my second option since trying to do drifts and “Race” is illegal in the United states.


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Hoonigan Rally Cross

I had a phase in my life where skating was life basically, and cruising was the coolest thing to do 3 years ago but then I realized with this 20 percent project, that it wad really boring, and little by little I started loosing interest in skating,This blog opened my eyes to that,  I gave it a few tries and tried to go down hills I’ve done before that were so huge to me when I was younger, but in reality they were the easiest hills you can do around vista. Even though I did not post a lot of my blog, discovering the history of skating and sharing one story was something pretty neat that I have done, and getting decent amount of views on my blogs, I would probably still blog but about cars and drag racing (since I might get a 2007 Subaru sti.. soon)  and going to car meets around California.

(NorthCal Beast) Sti

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† 10 things not to do ∇

Top Ten Things you shouldn’t do, when you skate.     Don’t think everyone likes skateboards, people these days don’t like a piece of wood with wheels trust me. Don’t skate in area where you’re not allowed to because the cops will show up if someone decides to call 911           […]

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♣ Street Surfing

Skateboarding started in the 1950’s, The idea started from surfers wanting to surf on the streets instead of being in the Ocean. “Surfers in California get the Bright Idea to surf on concrete” Many Claimed to invent the first skateboard,but nothing can be proved.The first skateboards started off with boxes with roller skate wheels. Then […]

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Goals ♠

My goal is to Start Skating/Cruising down huge hills or Just Skate around and somehow end up in a random City like me and my friends used to 2 years ago. Skating down a huge hill (Bombing Hills) was the best because the adrenaline rush you got is probably the best feeling because you didn’t […]

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