† 10 things not to do ∇

Top Ten Things you shouldn’t do, when you skate.



  1. Don’t think everyone likes skateboards, people these days don’t like a piece of wood with wheels trust me.
  2. Don’t skate in area where you’re not allowed to because the cops will show up if someone decides to call 911                      
  3. Don’t be rude to the officers because they would take your board away, and won’t give it back (All your money will go down the drain)
  4. Don’t cruise down a hill with very loose trucks, they can become so loose the bolts can come off while riding and you will fall and it can be really bad.
  5. Don’t skate on the road, and be careful for pedestrians on the sidewalk, you don’t want to hurt anyone.
  6. Don’t skate alone because you might run into someone that might want to steal your board.
  7. Don’t jump down an up while riding your board, so many beginners do this for some reason and end up face-planting the floor.
  8. Don’t Ride Without a helmet (Even though I ride without one)
  9. Don’t go buy expensive gear it’s not worth the money, I honestly don’t see the poit unless you’re going down a huge hills and making wide turns
  10. Don’t go to skate shops asking for free things, it’s really annoying for them because they don’t even know you and very disrespectful

These tips can be really helpful for beginners and people that can’t stand the cops.c9db16935f6425180c831024d37d6cd0




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