Goals ♠

My goal is to Start Skating/Cruising down huge hills or Just Skate around and somehow end up in a random City like me and my friends used to 2 years ago. Skating down a huge hill (Bombing Hills) was the best because the adrenaline rush you got is probably the best feeling because you didn’t fall but if you did it’s a feeling you don’t want to have. Yeah you might get sent into the emergency room like 4 times like I did but for me and my friends it was practically a lesson learned and say “well, we’re not doing what he just did”.


There’s really no mentors about skating to me that i know I can get into contact with but my group of friends experienced different things because no one experience everything while skating that’s impossible. The only tip you need when going down a hill is  “Don’t get Speed Wobbles”  but some people I can talk to can be like owners of Skate Shops like grandeur or asylum. Obstacles I’m expecting to see are a lot of falls and not having good pictures and someone taking them, in order to get some cool photos  someone will literally have to come down the hill with me or I can go buy another go pro, the planning is still in progress.




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