♣ Street Surfing

Skateboarding started in the 1950’s, The idea started from surfers wanting to surf on the streets instead of being in the Ocean.

“Surfers in California get the Bright Idea to surf on concrete”

Many Claimed to invent the first skateboard,but nothing can be proved.The first skateboards started off with boxes with roller skate wheels. Then boxes became planks, During this time a lot of people got hurt trying to ride the board. Skateboarding was a new discovered sport.

In 1963 Skateboarding started getting very popular, people started hosting skating competitions. The popularity of skating started rising.

Skating back then is very different then what we see now because when skating started to be a thing back in the 1960’s they would “freestyle”. Free styling was more of dancing with the skateboard which is really weird.

1965 was a yer where skating started to die off. Skateboard companies started to close down and people that still wanted to skate will have to make their own skateboards again. People that liked skating still did but finding parts were really hard to find. In 1972 a guy by the name Frank Nasworthy invented the urethane skateboard wheels.  These wheels are the ones we usually use today for skating. He made his own company Cadillac Wheels it started to spark many ideas to the youth.

1975 the day a team showed the world what skateboarding what it truly was, in Del Mar California. In 1995 ESPN held their first extreme games in Rhode Island and this made skateboarding  closer to the mainstream and being accepted by people around the country. (Read more about the history of the X Games)




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