So my experience with the skating blog seemed really fun to me at first. I thought it was going to be a fun experienced since I couldn’t do anything with cars skating was my second option since trying to do drifts and “Race” is illegal in the United states.


Photo: Boosted Board| YouTube


Hoonigan Rally Cross

I had a phase in my life where skating was life basically, and cruising was the coolest thing to do 3 years ago but then I realized with this 20 percent project, that it wad really boring, and little by little I started loosing interest in skating,This blog opened my eyes to that,  I gave it a few tries and tried to go down hills I’ve done before that were so huge to me when I was younger, but in reality they were the easiest hills you can do around vista. Even though I did not post a lot of my blog, discovering the history of skating and sharing one story was something pretty neat that I have done, and getting decent amount of views on my blogs, I would probably still blog but about cars and drag racing (since I might get a 2007 Subaru sti.. soon)  and going to car meets around California.

(NorthCal Beast) Sti

Watch My screencast for more info on blog.
























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